Not long after we were spotted in the community, we were being asked to come and spread some joy by blessing the 2018 Puppy of Montrose contest!  The First Family of Montrose is a title family that focuses on raising funds for local community organizations dollar by dollar.  In fact, two of our Sisters are former title holders including the 2017 Puppy of Montrose!

Not only was it a first for us to bless an event, the First Family of Montrose has a first as well!  TWO contestants tied for the first time in the 30+ years of the Family.  Since this had never happened before, we ended up with two winners:  Pup Trinity and Pup Thoth!   And in honor of that bit of history, here is our blessing!

Our puppy, who art in kennel
Good boy, be thy name.

Thy squeakies tossed
Thy legs be humped.
In Ripcord, the back patio is open.

(interruption by 2017 Puppy of Montrose)

What’s in your mouth? Drop it. DROP IT! So help me GODDESS!

(end interruption)

Give us this day our daily treats
And forgive us our sinful behavior tonight
As we will do it all again tomorrow

Lead us not into temptation
Because these bitches have a shortcut and along leash