Novice Sister Sneakin’ da’Bone

Sister Sneakin’ da’Bone serves as the Abbess and President of the Space City Sisters. She has been involved with the LGBTQ+ community for over 10 years. He has a passion for helping those in need and building a stronger community. Over the years Sneakin’ was a huge asset in helping grow the Houston Pride Festivities into downtown and putting Houston on the map for LGBT Pride Celebrations. He’s actively involved the leather and kink community. Not only is he a sister but also invoked with Bayou City Pups. He is passionate about helping other non-profits expand, grow, and help reach their full potential. His first run into with another Sister was at Austin Pride in 2013 and he wanted to know who and what the white face nuns were doing at the event. Once he learned more, that’s when he started digging to find out why Houston didn’t have one and set out to change it.

Novice Sister Jenna Say-Quoi

Sister Jenna Say-Quoi embodies the Ho in HOPE and J.O.s to JOY! A transplant to Houston, with roots in Florida and a speckled past in NYC, this tri-state, bipolar, Mono inclined hooker with a heart of gold has always been cum-unity oriented by focusing on outreach, education, and fundraising. With VIP access to multiple clinics, sexual health advocacy and acceptance are always topics literally near and dear to Jenna and various AIDS Walks have benefited from her efforts. Lobbying with the ACLU good-touched Jenna at an early age, sparking concerns for the trans community, homeless LGBTQ youth, and senior community integration/involvement, all marginalized groups her current missionary works will prioritize assisting. Always upbeat, or else asleep, Jenna encourages you to live by her Vedic mantra, “If in doubt, put out… your best.”

Novice Sister Gin Tervention

Sister Gin Tervention has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ causes since 2014.  As a young gay boy, he discovered that there was more than enough cruelty to go around, and that he wouldn’t stand for that anymore.  He has spent 2 years raising funds and advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness and support, as well as being president of the Bayou City Pups, Houston’s largest Human puppy play organization. His first experience with a sister left him shook, and rapidly googling the phrase “Drag Nun.” The rest, as they say, is “Sistory.” Since then, Nvc. Sister Gin has gone on to be an outspoken character against shame and stigma, as well as been featured in several hate group propaganda pieces. 

Novice Sister Leia Weigh

Sister Leia Weigh is a no nunsense, balls to the wall kind of gal that grew up here in the great melting pot of Houston! She has always focused on bringing positivity to those around her and hopes to put the “Yee-Haw” In the space city’s motor and transmission. Leia was first inspired to join the sisters because she heard there would be hot priests and fried chicken. When she joined the Space City Sisters, she realized all the good work that gets done and decided that nothing is hotter than a convent of abstinent women thirsty for the suckling taste of the blood of Christ. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing tea with her sisters about her shady past full of half priced hookering, her addiction to pole dancing, and her obsession with finding the perfect shades of green and blue makeup to hide her face from the po-po. She is passionate about working within the community to bring together people of all races, sexual preferences, gender identities, and cock size to better understand one another. While with the sisters she hopes that the holy ghost cums inside her and fills her with his holy spirit over and over and over and over until she is filled with all the patience and love she needs to do great work within her community.

Novice Sister Candice B. Love

Sister Candice B Love has been involved with the Sisters for several years and her dedication to the cause of social justice and serving the LGBTQ+ community keeps drawing her back.  Sister Candice is a professional harpist, singer, music teacher, and drag queen.  As someone assigned female at birth, she is the first cis female drag queen to have a regular cast spot in a drag show in the city of Houston; she is also the current first alternate Ms Texas USofA Diva.  Her passion for the community ignited when she lost a beloved cousin to AIDS in the early 90s, as well as seeing the stigma against HIV/AIDS in hospital settings.  She plans to begin nursing school in 2019, and continually looks for ways to be involved with Legacy Community Health, the Montrose Center, and other organizations serving the LGBTQ+ community in the face of the runaway costs of healthcare in America.  Many (all) of her former crushes have since come out as gay, which should have been a clue.  Now she’s dating a woman…go figure.

Novice Sister Kitty Lickentwat

Sister Kitty Lickentwat has been involved with the LGBTQ+ community for well over 20 years. They identify as a genderqueer person, and has for nearly their entire life. They were drawn to the Sisters after many years of supporting the organization in other cities and being disappointed at the lack of a House in Houston. Over the years, Kitty has been involved in fundraising and activism across the US, Canada, and even in Europe. Kitty, ironically enough, is also a founder and current board member for the Bayou City Pups. Kitty wishes to spread love, light, and peace to the community in the dark times we find ourselves in currently. Kitty has been blessed with a community that has supported them unconditionally through some very rough times, and believes that giving back is the only sensible thing for a Nun to do!


Novice Sister Remy Later

Sister Remy has a procrastination problem as well as a day job.  She will get a bio done “eventually”

Novice Sister Beatriz Cox-Muggler

Sister Beatriz CoxMuggler has studied around the globe, earning a PhD in Women’s Studies from Oxford. Born Beatriz Muggler, her post graduate papers and research on the history of combat led her into a career of activism. Upon marrying, she decided to hyphenate her name so as not to lose connection to her early work. Sister CoxMuggler differentiates herself from the rest of the Space City Sisters in her dress and make-up styling. Instead of wearing feathers, she has chosen to go nude with a subtle rouge and a bold red lip. Always up for mission work, Sister CoxMuggler is a talkative Sister who never shuts her mouth.